How to : Create Desk Organizer

Sooo here we back againnn. Long time no posting hehe. It’s holiday here! Break from campus life and anything that suck my brain. And now my brain was on it vacation somewhere out there haha. Without any longer I teach you how to make a desk organizer. This is useful for all students and some of workers.

Things you need:
– A big shoe box or any big box
– Many boxes in any size (from small to big)
– Scrap paper or wrapping paper


Tools you need: (sorry I forgot to take a picture)
– Scissors
– Cutter
– Glue (any super strong glue)
– Stappler
– Ballpoint
– Ruler
– Watercolor (optional)

1. Cut all your boxes with cutter or scissors in any different type and shape as you wanted
2. Organize that all your boxes that already cutted in the big one box as you can see in this picture below


3. Wrap all your boxes with scrap paper or wrapping paper and (optional) if you want it to look prettier you may paint inside all the box with your Watercolor. It’s okay if you don’t want. I’m not painting the inside also.
4. Wrap or paint the big box as creative as you can. But in my case, I use scrap fabric and I need to use my Stappler to combine the big box with my fabric.


5. Glue all the area that you will merge with all the boxes you have, then stick it.
6. Make sure your boxes stick perfectly with the big box. And you’re done!


7. Complete your desk organizer with all your stuffs and all your stationeries.


And now your desk is tidy and clean!

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