*How much I miss writing, have been busy these days, lack of idea, a bit of stress, and many more, but I’ve made it again today! Here we go… sorry for bad grammar btw*

I’m failed. Again. For the second time. In the same lecturer, same courses. Huft… I wanna breathe a long breath. I keep blaming the teacher, because I feel so confident and sure I can get through this, but sadly it doesn’t work as I wanted it to use to be. However, when I asked myself, what do I do during this courses, I realize. It was my fault. It was me, not the lecturer. Yes I can, it’s true I could master this lessons, and the cause of failure is my behavior along this course. Maximizing the absent ration, cheat homework, sleep during class. If I’m diligent, I won’t be failed.


For the first I feel very bad, disappointed, sad. But, hey! I learn something from this incident. Not all failure, means to knock you down. In odd moments, you have to failed first to success. Because you never realize what’s wrong with you. Like me, I realize what is my fault, accept it, and then learn from that mistakes. I shouldn’t be like that, I should be like this. Besides, I got a benefit, I must learn this class again which means 3 times, and the others only one. That’s mean I could dominate this courses more than the others. (Think the positive side, if you always think the negative side, you will stuck in the same place and never go forward.)


Some people just quit after every failure. They won’t try again, try again, until they success. I tell you this, Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times, and the 1,001 the light bulb worked! And the amazing things, he said “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”


Failure is a stepping stone to achieving success. Once you have failed, you need to get up and try again. Failure doesn’t mean you’re worse than others, it’s mean you just reach success a little bit late than others. Successful people must have failed, many times. If you achieve the success easily, it isn’t a success.

stepping stone

Be careful when you always succeed, life isn’t that easy. Don’t chase perfection. You will be very very upset if you failed. Perfectionist people can’t accept failure. They must know that failure will bring them to success, you can’t ever see success if you’re not passing a failure.


I hope, everybody could understand, failure isn’t mean the worlds end. You have to get up, and try again, use the past experiences as a lesson. So that you can be successful person and have a positive effect to the people around you. Be though! 🙂

be though


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