Happiness Too Fast

Have you ever imagine why happiness is fleeting too fast and bad thing is prolonged? Example, a rain can stay for a days but after that, a rainbow only awhile. Okay it’s natural phenomena. How about a daily life things? Like when you eat much of chocolates, if you like chocolate, you’re happy right? But that “happy” it’s just a moment, do you know you can get diabetes if you eat too much chocolate? And you can have diabetes for a years. Maybe a whole of your entire life. So can you see now? Can you understand that?


Source : Google

I’m thinking of this. A lot. It’s annoy my mind. But happiness can stay in your life for the very long time. And note, this only happen 1:1000000000000 in the worlds. If you see, there’s more suffering people than happy people. Why so many people did suicide? Why so many people ended up in jail because of murder, corruption, or fighting maybe? Why there’s so many hate comments on all over social media? Why so many people ‘proud’ to ended up as a bad person? Why so many people enjoy being a bad person?


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TBH, I ever being a bad person. In my young age (still young age now lol) I do a lot of bad things. I enjoy that, and addicted to do that, but when God slap me I realized. It’s not fun. At all. And that things has a very bad impact to the future of myself. And that’s all is a bad things.


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I repent from all of that and trying to be a good people. At least I’m inconvenience myself. And I realize since that, why happiness is fleeting too fast. Happiness isn’t fleeting too fast. Because happiness it’s not a problem. It’s us. It’s our self. We’re not grateful for what we have. We only complaining and focus on bad things. That’s why happiness feels like fleeting so fast. I test you know, what do you think about this picture? Is there any good things from this picture?


Source : Superlemer

If you say NO, then you should make up your mind, change the way you think, be positive. For me, that picture have a good thing. Don’t focus to 90% stress. See that you still have 10% human. Even is there just a 1% chance to good thing, that’s mean you still had a chance! Be grateful even you don’t have an iPhone! There’s a lot of kids in hinterland of Africa starving. I hope you got the message that I want to share. If there any things make you flurry, feel free to comment below. Have a great Passover weeks!


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