I Don’t Have A Home

Do you have a house? I grew up and live in a house. I never been a vagrant or kind like that. Well I can’t imagine how I living on the street. Sleep on the sidewalk, don’t have any clothes to change, don’t have a blanket on a cold night, waiting for people sympathy to give me some money or foods.

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But have you ever wonder, that people who are homeless does have a home?

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House and home are such a different thing. House is the building where you can live comfortly and fullfill your physical needs. But home is not about the building. Home is a situation, a condition, the atmosphere of a place, can it make you comfortable? Or you feel uncomfortable? Because a home must be comfortable. Comfortable in here means your feeling, your heart. Not your physical.

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And I wondering, if the homeless people don’t have a house, do they had a home? A place that make them feel comfortable, loved, even they doesn’t have any house? 

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I should say that I’m not grateful for my house. I mean, I do have a house, but I don’t have a home. Not in this time, not in this world. I feel like I don’t have a home. Yes you can say I’m not grateful for what I have. I’m grateful for a house, where it can be my shelter, my comfy at cold night, place to eat and clean up my self, a lot of clothing.But I don’t feel a home at my house. And I’m sure there are much people who feel the same as I do. 

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I’ve ever feel like my home is just like hell. I don’t even wanna go home. But if I don’t, the hell will become 10 times more hotter. And I don’t have any other shelter. That was an old story. But still now, until right now I never feel a home. Anywhere in this world. Maybe someday I’ll fell I have a home. Idk. Please just slap me for being ungrateful.

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I have a dream, that I want to make myself a home! For homeless people. I mean people who doesn’t have a home, rather they have a house or not. And I think it would be nice if we could be a home for other people, but make sure you already had a home first.

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